Motorola KRZR K3

Motorola has brought its KRZR mobile phone brand up to speed with the 3G-capable K3. It looks almost identical to its predecessor, but a few tweaks have raised the standard.

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Toward the business end of last year, we put the KRZR K1 through our usual stringent tests and deemed it rather wanting.

Now the K3 has arrived -- and that's "3" as in "3.5G". In addition to an HSDPA network upgrade, the successor to the K1 offers 50MB of internal memory (up from 18), a curvier keypad and a larger external display.

The K3 follows the K1's narrow form factor -- the measurements for each phone are identical at 42mm by 103mm by 16mm.

On the outside of the clamshell is a 60x120-pixel display that trumps the K1's 96x96-pixel version. It's also located toward the bottom of the phone, whereas the K1's teeny screen was plonked smack-bang in the middle.

Above the display is a 2-megapixel camera designed for daytime -- there's no flash function or glowing light. The whole surface of the outer shell is coated in a glossy finish, which unfortunately tends to act as a smudge showcase.

The K3 can be flipped open with flair using a single thumb. The movement is not as springy as a slider phone, but it's smoother and less awkward than wider clamshell models such as Nokia's N76. The hinge is solid and hardy, but looks oddly utilitarian in light of the RAZR 2's sexy silver version.

Motorola is really digging on the flat, razor-cut keypad look these days, and this model is no exception. There is one subtle change from the K1 though: the number keys have been nudged into a faint, smile-shaped curve instead of the standard blocky grid formation. It does look more modern, but the effect on usability is negligible.

A VGA camera lurks at the bottom-right corner of the display, ready to capture your mug during video calls.

Beyond the flash-free camera, the K3 serves up Bluetooth -- including the A2DP variety -- a speakerphone, and some basic games.

Internal storage space has been bumped up to 50MB, with support for up to 2GB of extra room through an optional microSD card.

As with most other Moto models that have lately appeared on the scene, there is also a focus on multimedia. Music files can be dragged and dropped from PC to phone via Windows Explorer (or Finder, for the Mac users), but there is also the ability to sync playlists automatically using Windows Media Player 11. A basic music player app on the phone allows songs to play in the background while you get on with other tasks.

We found the circular selection key a little too small; thumb presses need to be precise to avoid accidentally hitting the navigation or cancel buttons.

The camera did a satisfactory job, but you'll need to have a steady hand to avoid blurry photos. It's also not much use at night unless you happen to be under the floodlights at the local footy stadium.

We liked the larger external display, but it was scarcely visible in the sunlight when in idle mode -- a bit annoying if you like to have the odd quick glance at your phone to check the time.

The volume range for the speaker begins at a high level and gets very loud, which is good for handsfree calls and even better for annoying train passengers with Top 40 music. We were surprised by the clarity and lack of distortion at the highest volume levels.

The speed of the interface has been raised since the laggy days of the K1, but menu icons are still a bit daggy and look dated compared to the slick graphics on the screens of other manufacturers' phones.

Call quality was very good, with the speakerphone performing particularly well. No cause for complaint with battery life either; the phone powered on for three to four days between charges.

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RBKSoulja posted a review   

The Good:Camera is decent, outer screen suitable for self portraits, excellent internal screen, loud speakers and excellent call quality

The Bad:back cover, smudges easily, power button desensitises after a period of use, confusing and ageing menu design

The build quality on this phone is excellent, as is the internal screen and metal finish keypad. The external screen could've been more vibrant and brighter. The speakers are brilliant.

The camera is excellent, although the only drawback is when you zoom in, the quality and size of the photo decreases. Also, when viewing photos, the zoom option is missing, which would've been a nice option.

Shortcuts on phone are easily customised, but speaking of customising, the process of importing and appying new themes was annoying and more difficult than that of a, say, Nokia or SE.

Size is also one factor Motorola could've considered on this phone, as it is a tad thicker than most of todays phones.


wolf3188 posted a review   

The Good:meh dont knopw

The Bad:dont know that either

only thing i didnt like bout my K1 was all the files got lumped into 1 folder, now i hope its better and i might buy one.


Superhuman posted a review   

The Good:design, speaker sounds great and the screen seems much bigger

The Bad:2 meg camera should 3
heared the battery life is poor

I like the design
the 2 meg camera should have been a
3 i think, but its still a good phone

King_Rat - Moto Modder

King_Rat - Moto Modder posted a review   

The Good:2MP Camera, Speedy S/W, Great Audio!! 2GB TF... Pretty easy to use (if familiar w/ Moto... Feels nice in hand... Good battery life...

The Bad:Just one con... Battery cover is quite easy to bump off... Easy to fix though

Everything seems pretty moto standard... Upgraded from V360v, so am enjoying 2MP Camera... My brand doesnt have shortcuts?! Bit annoying... Lots of Vodafone branding which I'm in the process of changing :WOOT: Otherwise I really love it!!


dan posted a review   

The Good:like the rest

The Bad:poor battery life

poor battery life

<a href=>motorola krzr k3</a>

motorola krzr k3 posted a review   

The Good:Large screen.
User-friendly interface.
Dual displays.

The Bad:Battery cover easily scratched.

Great mobile with great features like its dual display. Fast responsive cell phone. Slim and sleek mobile. I love it.


chs1951 posted a review   

The Good:Motorola good build quality

The Bad:Poorly thought out software

I purchased one of these three months ago previously having 6 other Motorola models all of which I was satisfied with.

The Text/SMS system on the phone has a fault which Motorola are aware of but have not fixed. If you enter an incorrect character and delete it the phone reverts to upper case ABC1 or ABC2. This I find infuriating.

Also it will not play MP3's with a bit rate higher than 128kbps.


anonymous posted a review   

i dont konw a lot about this phone and i am considering it i have very long experience with mobiles so tough use is no problemo but its the connection im worried about p.s. its my 'first' mobile so please take that in mind


rogerg posted a review   

The Good:Compact phone, solid feel, fast internet and email, great screens.

The Bad:Complete lack of ring tones (my V3 has significantly better range), very poor video quality largely because of compression (if I have a 2gig memory card in it why not let me record better quality video?) and many emails are unable to be read where they could have been read on my v3 and can be read through the browser (logging in to webmail) on the K3.

A nice phone generally but lacking some substance in some areas.


Ue posted a review   

The Good:Cool design, bigger screen, now with 3G!!

The Bad:Still a bit too RAZR esque... but it doesn't look that bad!

Good on Motorola! Atleast they are listening to their customers (i.e. upgrading the screen size and adding 3G)

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  • RBKSoulja



    "The build quality on this phone is excellent, as is the internal screen and metal finish keypad. The external screen could've been more vibrant and brighter. The speakers are brilliant.

  • wolf3188



    "only thing i didnt like bout my K1 was all the files got lumped into 1 folder, now i hope its better and i might buy one."

  • Superhuman



    "I like the design
    the 2 meg camera should have been a
    3 i think, but its still a good phone"

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