Motorola, LG aim high with Android in 2010

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Hot on the heels of Apple's iPhone 4 announcement, LG has announced it will launch 20 new Android handsets by year's end and Motorola's CEO claims his company will have a 2GHz processor in an Android-powered smartphone within the same time frame.

The Motorola Milestone and LG Ally are both unavailable in Australia.
(Credit: Motorola/LG/CBSi)

According to Conceivably Tech, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha revealed this plan during a speech at the Executives Club of Chicago, a forum known for having company CEOs allude to upcoming innovations during presentations. Though Jha didn't elaborate further, an unnamed Moto spokesperson tells the blog that the upcoming Motorola powerhouse will also include a dedicated Nvidia graphics processor and a gyroscope to improve gaming, Abode Flash and a high resolution camera.

LG has been flirting with Google's platform for over a year now, so far releasing five Android smartphones into various markets around the world. The claim to be working on 20 individual Android handsets shows a renewed commitment to Android and shows the Korean company's increased faith in the commercial possibilities of the platform. Both Motorola and LG have struggled to remain competitive in the race to develop smartphones rather than feature phones and we should see soon if backing Android pays dividends.

To date both Motorola and LG have chosen not to launch the highest profile Android phones in both company's ranges, the Motorola Milestone (or Droid in the US) and the LG Ally.

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ShaharulS posted a comment   

Nokia rules...


TheCamper posted a comment   

It doesn't matter to me what they come up with because they aren't selling any of their high end phones in Australia. At least Nokia try but none of them have multitouch.


mike posted a comment   

and its jailbroken


mike posted a comment   

why is all the new phone's trying to copy and making shitter versions of the is a message u r not going to win apple iphone is too well known and too **** awesome... i known cause i have iphone 3gs 16gb and its dope


deltatango posted a comment   

Forget Motorola and LG. I want to see Nokia with an Android powered phone.

Now that would be a match made in mobile heaven!


Hubert posted a reply   

Yeah delta, spot on. I have an N900 with maemo and it's a great phone but it'd be nice to have all those Android apps...

I think Nokia are putting their efforts into their own OS, rumour has it that the N9 will run Meego (the newer version of Maemo)...


Murrawhip posted a comment   

Abode Flash?

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