Motorola Moto X software features, release date leaked

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A leaked video of Motorola's Moto X has revealed that the phone will have always-on voice commands, and will be released in August — at least, in Canada.

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A leaked video by Canadian telco Rogers Wireless surfaced over the weekend, showcasing features of the upcoming Moto X smartphone and showing a different handset to one that leaked in photos last week.

The video showed up on the Google Plus page of Russian university student Дима Прокопенко, Ausdroid has reported.

According to the video, the phone will introduce a number of new smartphone features, including always-on voice commands using Google Now, which allows users to issue commands without ever having to touch the phone, even to launch voice search.

The phone also has a feature called "Active updates", which involves discreet, on-screen notifications that show you at a glance what sort of update you have, such as in a text message or an email; and motion-based camera launch, whereby the user simply twists the phone twice rather than having to launch an app. To take photos, the user can just tap anywhere on the screen, and holding down will take several photos at once.

In Canada, the phone will arrive in August in both black and white variants, according to the video. It makes no mention of the 16 colour variants mentioned in last week's leak.

CNET Australia has contacted Google for comment, and will update this story when we have more information.

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