Motorola Razr HD and Razr M: hands on

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Motorola launched a family of new Razr-branded smartphones in New York today, including the Razr HD and Razr M, which are bound for store shelves at Telstra soon. We enjoyed hands-on time with both phones at the launch event, looking for the unifying elements of the Razr name and for the features that make each unique.

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B_Chapman posted a comment   

Joe, please tell me we won't see these phones till december 2013, when my contract with telstra is up..


TennisRox posted a comment   

I so want the Motorola Droid Razr M. I find 4.3 inch phones to be just a bit too big but now that it is almost the same size as an iphone with good power, 8mp camera, amazing screen, good battery life and with motorola's overlay (which I like). this is the perfect phone.


trebor83 posted a comment   

Its good to see that there's at least 1 OEM making full featured phones in a reasonable size.


Dunners posted a reply   

I agree, i know someone personally who hates how the better phones always are alot bigger.
I know for a fact even though i haven't told him yet that the Razr M will be his next phone.


trebor83 posted a reply   

I actually know a couple of people that have gone from Android to iPhone purely because it was the only way they could find of getting top of the line performance in a phone that wasn't the size of a dinner plate.

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