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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Motorola teases tablets with a Honeycomb filling

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Tossing up tablets in the week before Christmas? Perhaps you might consider waiting a month or two.

In a cheeky pre-CES YouTube video, Motorola hints at its upcoming tablet(s) featuring Google Android Honeycomb platform — a platform designed specifically for use on devices with larger screens. To illustrate this point, the video takes us on a museum tour through the long history of tablets so far, showing us how they've evolved from stone walls to iPads and pointing at the various weaknesses of each. The one takeaway from this clip seems to be that Motorola believes it will succeed where others have failed: in not just making a big phone.

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Monkey posted a comment   

Nice video, I still want the playbook but =(


ardniban posted a comment   

like it but must have specification=price

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