Motorola to launch Android phones on 10 September?

Well, well, looky here. Motorola has sent out "save the date" press invites for a 10 September event in San Francisco focusing on Google Android. The invite provides little details about the event, but we can only presume (or hope) that the company will reveal its Android devices, which could be the rumoured "Morrison" and "Sholes" phones.


Earlier this summer, Motorola announced the App Accelerator Programme and Motodev Studio for Android Beta for Android developers. As part of the Accelerator Program, select developers were given tools, specs and exclusive pre-release access to Motorola's upcoming devices for testing and debugging, so perhaps we'll see the fruits of their labour come 10 September. You can be utterly certain our Crave US colleagues will be at the event, so check back then for all the details.

We've made the point before that while Moto has made some smashing phones in its time, it's never been terribly good at the software, which is why collaborating with Google makes so much sense. In the meantime, we'd also be interested in hearing about which Android device you're most looking forward to — a number of manufacturers are prepping their own Google phones for release later this year. Let us know below.

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sholestaodroid posted a comment   

Easily the motorola sholes. It will blow the iphone out of the water.


theanimal posted a comment   

Can't wait for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3

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