Motorola's Google X phone specs and image leaked

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It's not the Nexus, but Motorola's rumoured new Android phone looks like it'll run on the new Tegra 4i chipset.

The image that was sent to AndroidWorld.
(Credit: AndroidWorld)

With only days until Samsung reveals the Galaxy S4, it's the perfect time for other manufacturers to indulge in a little leak-based spoiler work of their own, so we're not too surprised to see rumours of the new Motorola emerge.

Motorola's Google X is not a Nexus, although the NXT branding on the blurry, leaked image sent to Dutch site AndroidWorld suggests that they're riffing off the brand, at least mildly.

The anonymous tipster also gave a few specs to the site:

  • 4.7-inch Full HD display

  • Nvidia Tegra 4i processor

  • 16-megapixel camera

  • 5-megapixel front-facing camera, acting as a light sensor with eye scrolling features

  • 131.2x66.7x7.9mm

Of all of those, the Tegra 4i is the most interesting — this is the low power-draw chipset with the integrated LTE modem that Nvidia hopes will challenge the current Qualcomm Snapdragon dominance.

The Tegra 4i was also designed for the lower-end smartphone market, which might be why the new Motorola will sport a smaller screen than the 5-inch slabs that seem to be de rigueur for this year's flagship products.

It also explains how the phone could sport an extremely slim 7.9mm profile and still provide decent battery life, thanks to the chip's lower power requirements.

Of course, like all rumours, this may turn out to be considerable rubbish, but with Samsung's dominance in the Android space, it might be the right time for Motorola to trade-off its Google connections and make an attempt to carve itself a slice out of the slightly-under-top-end market.

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