Motorola's new products are 'phenomenal': Eric Schmidt

The Android handset market may be very competitive, but Motorola's new products are "phenomenal", according to Google chairman Eric Schmidt.

AllThingsD writers Ina Fried and Liz Gannes chat with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt at a mobile conference in New York.
(Credit: Maggie Reardon/CNET)

Schmidt, speaking during the AllThingsD mobile conference in New York, declined to specify what devices Motorola is building, but said that people should think of the products as "phones plus".

"What I'd advise to do with Motorola is wait and see with the next generation of technology," Schmidt said. "It's very, very impressive."

Google bought Motorola in 2011 for $12.5 billion, but the combined company has yet to release any blockbuster products. Motorola has struggled to compete with Apple and Samsung, which dominates the Android market. The combined company is rumoured to be building an X Phone with cutting-edge features. Some speculation pegs the phone's announcement to be held during the Google I/O conference next month.


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