Motorola's Webtop cut from Atrix HD

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Motorola will cut its Webtop software from the upcoming Atrix HD release on the AT&T network in the US, saying that the exclusion of the software helps the company to meet a lower price point for customers.

The Motorola LapDock accessory with the original Atrix plugged in at the back.
(Credit: Motorola)

According to an email received by Phonescoop, Motorola has "focused on the features that will deliver the greatest value for this device's target audience". It's not made clear who this target audience is, but it obviously must be smartphone users who have no need for a laggy, watered-down laptop-computing experience. Zing.

In case you've forgotten, Webtop is additional software installed on the Motorola Atrix range, which launches a unique user interface when the phone is plugged in to a laptop-shaped accessory called the LapDock. When launched, users can access a limited range of services through the LapDock, including a Firefox browser.

This is sad news, in a way, as it likely spells out the beginning of the end for the Motorola Webtop concept. While we stand behind our critique of Weptop printed above, we still think that the idea behind it was a step in the right direction.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

Not really surprised to see that the webtop was dropped here... even if the software was perfect, they could never standardise the hardware to make it compatible, each atrix (or webtop connector) seemed to have its connectors on different sides etc.

But Joe, keep the hope alive, i agree it was a step in the right direction... hold on to the idea that Google and Motorola will revive the idea but this time with the lapdock running Chrome!!


Chandler posted a reply   

Well ASUS has already started running with the idea through their Padfone. And yes, with Chrome now on Android I can't wait to see the Chrome Remote Desktop come to Android too, and then possibly a merge between Chrome and Android down the track - after all, if you can run Chrome on Android as a browser, surely you could run it as an OS (since they're essentially the same...).

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