MoviePass service called 'Netflix for theatres'

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A movie-cinema subscription has kicked off in the US, offering one screening ticket each day for US$50 per month.

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MoviePass is attempting to take the subscription model that video-on-demand services such as Netflix and Quickflix locally have successfully adopted, and make it work for movie cinemas.

Users of MoviePass will pay US$50 per month (or US$119.97 for 90 days or US$359.88 for a full year) and get a membership card (actually a reloadable debit card) and the MoviePass app. To use the service, you open the app and select a cinema, film and session time, then just swipe your MoviePass card at the ticket kiosk when you get there.

MoviePass allows for one 2D movie showing every day. Will it get people back into the cinema? The price might well be right, but who has the time to see that many films? More importantly, how many films can there be each month that would be worth watching?

Would an Australian version of MoviePass get you back into the cinema? Let us know in the comments.

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