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  • Top-rated products of the month

    Top-rated products of the month

    What products made it to the top of the testing heap last month? Cut to the chase with this round-up of the highest rating products we reviewed in October 2011.

  • Last-minute gadget gifts

    Last-minute gadget gifts

    Holy flaming expletives, it's the night before Christmas and you've forgotten a gift (or two or three). We've got more than a few suggestions for you...

  • Best DAB+ digital radios

    Best DAB+ digital radios

    Digital radio is here, but what equipment do you need to receive it? We round up the best receivers on the market. 39

  • AirPlay compatible devices: round-up

    AirPlay compatible devices: round-up

    Apple's AirPlay enables you to wirelessly stream music from your iPhone or iTunes library to one of the compatible devices we've listed in this round-up.

  • Best portable MP3 players

    Best portable MP3 players

    Gone are the days when the portable MP3 player was only about music. These days they can do everything from record home movies to port data. From the most basic to the complex, here are our favourite MP3 players this year. 3

  • Top rated products of September 2010

    Top rated products of September 2010

    We found a lot to like in September and quite a few cases of good things coming in small packages.

  • Music and game gift ideas for Mother's Day

    Music and game gift ideas for Mother's Day

    A gift of music or games will always be a hit with mum, and probably the rest of the family too.

  • MP3 players with voice recorders

    MP3 players with voice recorders

    No one wants to get writer's cramp or carpal tunnel, but it can be hard to avoid if you're taking notes in classes or meetings all day. rounds up these lecture-worthy MP3 players. 3

  • Best high-capacity MP3 players

    Best high-capacity MP3 players

    Music hoarders rejoice! Here are a few picks of the top players for those large collections. 5

  • Four touchscreen MP3 players

    Four touchscreen MP3 players

    The iPod Touch may get all the glory, but a few other touchscreen MP3 players have recently crept into the mix. Here are a few available now. 11

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