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  • Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone

    Yes, it's finally here. Steve Jobs shows off the features to the Macworld crowd. 1

  • iPods through the years

    iPods through the years

    The digital music player changed Apple's fortunes and showed the music industry that legal downloading of songs could work. 2

  • Microsoft presses play on Zune

    Microsoft unveils its new challenger to Apple's iPod, the Zune digital media player. 10

  • Apple's 'showtime'

    Apple's 'showtime'

    Apple's CEO Steve Jobs unveils new iPods and coloured iPod Nanos, and gives us a peek at a new wireless streaming device for the living room dubbed "iTV".

  • The Zune revealed

    The Zune revealed

    Microsoft's music player will let people share streamed music with friends and strangers, according to an FCC filing. 8

  • Cars in tune with hands-free digital audio

    Cars in tune with hands-free digital audio

    Ford, GM and Mazda team up with Apple to integrate the digital-music devices into their 2007 models. 1

  • Wild for women's gadgets

    Wild for women's gadgets

    Women, a growing force in the consumer electronics market, have a message for gadget makers, and it's not all about pink. 1

  • On the go with Nike, iPod

    On the go with Nike, iPod

    Joggers can soon link their iPod Nano to their sneakers to get real-time, audible athletic data and track progess.

  • Photos: CeBIT 2006 - Product Innovations

    Photos: CeBIT 2006 - Product Innovations

    In amongst the colourless enterprise servers and prosaic IT management software, there were a few nuggets of innovative product gold on display this week at CeBit 2006. 1

  • Photos: Postcards from the Mac faithful

    When CNET asked readers to express how Apple's products have affected their lives, dozens of devotees from around the world wrote in with stories and pictures. Here's a sampling.

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