Best portable video players

  • Archos 605

    Archos 605

    CNET Rating8.7
    User Rating7.7

    The Archos 605 Wi-Fi portable video player is one of the best mobile distractions money can buy. 13

  • iRiver Clix

    iRiver Clix

    CNET Rating8.6
    User Rating8.1

    Think of pop queen Pink's unique combo of sass, good looks and smarts. The iRiver Clix is the portable audio equivalent. 26

  • Topfield TFP20

    Topfield TFP20

    CNET Rating8.5
    User Rating8.3

    As a portable media player, the Topfield TFP20 is one of the most fully featured and best-performing units currently out in Australia. 6

  • Creative Zen Vision:M (30GB)

    Creative Zen Vision:M (30GB)

    User Rating9.6

    Let's get past the fact that it looks like the iPod. The Creative Zen Vision:M, drenched in features, is a refreshing breath of fresh air in the MP3 market. 125

  • Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable)

    Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable)

    User Rating9.1

    After months of delay, the Sony PSP is finally here in Australia. Should Nintendo be worried? Read our Australian review. 185

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