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  • Pioneer WeGo2

    Pioneer WeGo2

    Want to learn how to mix like a pro? The Pioneer WeGo2 will help get your DJ skills up to scratch.

  • Plantronics BackBeat Go

    Plantronics BackBeat Go

    CNET Rating6.0
    User Rating4.0

    The BackBeat Go headphone set is fine for use as a hands-free accessory, but we can't recommend it for music playback over cheaper, wired alternatives. 3

  • Philips Fidelio 7700

    Philips Fidelio 7700

    CNET Rating7.5

    The Fidelio 7700 is a lightweight, highly portable speaker dock for your iPad, but it's expensive for the sound you get in return.

  • iLuv Audio Cube

    iLuv Audio Cube

    CNET Rating8.0

    The Audio Cube delivers a serious sound for a unit of its size, and it looks great while sounding so good. No landscape docking option makes it a dud for film buffs, though.

  • Jabra Sport-Corded

    Jabra Sport-Corded

    CNET Rating7.0
    User Rating1.0

    We wish Jabra had delivered top-notch audio, but we imagine the package as a whole will appeal to those with an active lifestyle. 2

  • J&L iWall IMS27 2.1 Channel Music Center

    J&L iWall IMS27 2.1 Channel Music Center

    CNET Rating7.7
    User Rating7.5

    The iWall is both big and bold, with big sound and a bold and heavy physical design. 7

  • Plantronics BackBeat 903

    Plantronics BackBeat 903

    CNET Rating8.0

    Gym junkies will love the 903 for music playback during workouts, although its use as a hands-free device for phones is challenged by the position of the mic.

  • Cambridge Audio NP30

    Cambridge Audio NP30

    CNET Rating8.1

    The Cambridge Audio NP30 is a herald of the future of streaming media with wide format support and decent quality sound.

  • JVC BoomBlaster RV-NB70B

    JVC BoomBlaster RV-NB70B

    CNET Rating7.5
    User Rating6.0

    The BoomBlaster RV-NB70B is big, bold and brash, but we wish that it was ever so slightly better built. 3

  • NaimUniti


    If you're looking for a high-end, all-in-one stereo system, then the NaimUniti is the best, most future-proof model that we've seen. It features astounding build quality, understated design, ease of use and rock solid sound.

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