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Samsung has unveiled its new range of NaviBot vacuum cleaners, with a bunch of new features that make them the robotic vacuum cleaner to have.

(Credit: Samsung)

It's the top-of-the-range model SR8980 that caught our attention the most. Included in the charging dock is a chamber into which the NaviBot dispenses its dust between sweeps of the room, reducing the need for frequent trips to the bin, while it charges it at the same time.

Both models also have more sensors, an advanced mapping system, a slimmer design and dust detection.

(Credit: Samsung)

We saw the NaviBot in action, and its mapping system was pretty cool. It uses a combination of infrared sensors and an on-board camera, which captures images at a rate of 15fps to create a map of your house. Then it memorises where it has been using two CPU control chips, so it doesn't cover the same spot over and over.

We also really liked the new "Dust Sensor" function: when the NaviBot travels over a heavily soiled area, it will stop zooming about in lines and concentrate on that spot, increasing suction until all debris is picked up, before continuing on its merry way.

The NaviBot SR8980 is available now for an RRP of AU$1299, while the SR8950 (which doesn't empty its own dust) goes for AU$1099.

One question remains: when is Samsung going to release a model with preinstalled Googly eyes?

We expect to have one at CNET Australia really soon, so stay tuned to see it in action.

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