Navman EZY30

The Navman EZY30 sports a pared down easier-to-use interface, as well as a 3.5-inch touchscreen, spoken street names, keyword location searching, junction view, limited lane guidance and safety camera alerts with school zone warnings only appearing at appropriate times.

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User Reviews / Comments  Navman EZY30

  • NatalieV



    "Cheap small but I find that even on a clear day it can not pick up GPS Singnal I find this a huge pain, i"

  • lancervi50



    "After buying two of these (one for myself and another for my girlfriend) they both had the same problem. After turning on they could not find a GPS signal (even after leaving it outside in the clea..."

  • loyalqueen



    "I'd give this product 8/10. I just bought this from Harvey Norman for $127 and I feel as though I got great value for money. The materials of the product don't feel cheap, the interface is really ..."

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