Navman MY65T

The middle child in the 2010 MY range, the MY65T gains Bluetooth hands-free and data connectivity, as well as a 4.7-inch screen, two years of map updates, spoken safety camera warnings, time sensitive school zone alerts, lane guidance and junction view.

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ScottB2 Facebook

"The MY65T is overhyped and underperforming"

ScottB2 posted a review   

The Good:Warranty, 3 years of maps

The Bad:Options never worked; really amateur software

This purchase has turned out to be one of the biggest wastes of money I've ever spent. It promised heaps, with three years of maps and a good warranty. Basically, after literally months of trying, it's now lying in a cracked heap in the bin. Bluetooth never worked at all (tried on Nokia, Samsung and HTC phones), map updates were an entire evening's trial to figure out with few instructions exactly what the right method was. Load it up with too many POI files and it would hang after 10 seconds operation (fixed it by uninstalling them all and then had to advise Navman themselves as they didn't know). Trying to plan a map through the NavDesk app was quite literally a joke - it had me touring circles instead of straight lines, although that could well be the maps developer. The unit never made sense, nor ever worked. I'm over Navman. It was a mistake. Others may have found ways to get theirs working but for a 20-year veteran in IT this unit and its related software can't be taken seriously. What was I thinking?


alexgringo posted a review   

The Good:when it works

The Bad:it usually doesnt

i got my Navman MY65T for xmas seemed good at the start worked properly for 2 MONTHS,then one day i decided to change an address i was going to.
Bad just froze on me, went to intro screen and has been there for 2 days.
I rang tech support they sent me an update via email but the stupid piece of **** Navman wont let me install the update cause its stuck on this bloody intro screen.
I dunno mate but my old Gps good ol dinosaure worked well for 5 years till it got unstuck and fell out the window.RIP Josephine

otherwise id still have it and this **** Penelope) navman.


tiles posted a review   

The Good:looks,speed alerts, other alerts, maps.

The Bad:bluetooth phone connection

its a pretty good gps for the price. i recommend it


phill_m posted a review   

The Good:big screen, great price, looks good

The Bad:not much

I paid $200 bucks for this. For that price this thing is perfect. sure.....Things could be improved but then I could have paid more....

It does what it is supposed to do and it does it well. My only issue would be is that it would rather have you do a u-turn that re-direct you. But who cares.......!!!!!!!

I could have bought a map for 40 bucks and have had to have read it!!!!!!!!! Fancy that!

I made the right choice.


Old posted a comment   

Dont trust navman at all, on second unit in less than two months, the my 65 series is absolute rubbish, try hanging on when on hold for 30 minutes at a time on a mobile phone day after day to get some help, and it never happens.
These units are being handed back and will never look at Navman again.

Nb, we have 50 new my65's in our fleet, and they will be quickly replaced.


courtney is annoyed

courtney is annoyed posted a review   

The Good:looks

The Bad:where do I start...

Firstly, it was discounted the same price as other versions, so I thought "costs more, my65t must be better"
Street name pronunciation is HORRID! My neigbours 3 houses away is apparently my house. On a trip south it tried to send us down someones drive way, thru their house and over a creek?!?!?!? When it is plugged in on charge (via USB as they were too cheap to give a wall charger) cannot tell if it is actually charging. Contstantly sending us down no through roads then getting told "perform u-turn where possible"!!!!!!!!!!!!
Overall, I am beyond annoyed with this thing, should have bought the same as my brother did, for $90.00 His was amazing... And I am stuck with the most horrible Navman EVER!!!!


Jay posted a reply   

Hi, Thanks for the review, i really value your views. I am new to this place and i need a good gps that really can help. could you pls mention what is your brother's model and type? Thanks in advance


Just Looking posted a reply   

Hi "courtney is annoyed"
I am new to this and have nothing to compare, as you have with your brother.
what is your brothers type and model.


Lenaye posted a review   

My Navman 65T is new and I wish I hadnt bought it I had a n35 previously and it was brilliant. This one wont let me put in street number for my home address. This is fine for my street which is small but what if I lived on Ipswich Road In Brisbane - Joke. And I cant charge it from the cigarette lighter the charger wont go into the unit when it is on the mount. I intend to take it back and get a refund from Dick Smith then research a better unit.


butterfingers posted a comment   

The Good:durable and good looking

The Bad:lags a bit, lacks user freedom and a few other things

When i first bought this, i plugged it in right away because i needed to go down the coast but my other navman ate it. When i plugged it in, the screen turned on but the entire thing was cracked, more a batch problem aswell as the fact that this was a display model. Drove to the nearest store to get it replaced, when i got out of the car and picked up the box the box opened and the gps unit dropped and bounced on the floor. Picked it up and it seemed robust enough. No scratches from a 1.5metre drop. Anyway returned it and exchanged it for a new one. So far it does what navman's do best, ruin your day. Like what most people have stated, my home also doesnt exist. I typed in my address and it told me to keep driving down the street and i had a few turns left, even though i was already in my drive way.

The lack of street numbers you can put in also suck. I mean im trying to import my places from my recent S150 but the thing is the fact that the s150 lets you freely choose the numbers, i personally park next to the place and then hit the pin button so i get a proper reading seeing as how house numbers are bullshit on both the s150 and the my65t.

Hopefully the 3 years free maps serves me well, otherwise its just another piece of trash.


AndrewG6 posted a reply   

Hey mine takes the street number problem there...Just having trouble getting it to pair with my mobile phone. Any ideas???

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  • ScottB2



    "This purchase has turned out to be one of the biggest wastes of money I've ever spent. It promised heaps, with three years of maps and a good warranty. Basically, after literally months of trying, ..."

  • alexgringo



    "i got my Navman MY65T for xmas seemed good at the start worked properly for 2 MONTHS,then one day i decided to change an address i was going to.
    Bad just froze on me, went to int..."

  • tiles



    "its a pretty good gps for the price. i recommend it"

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