Navteq to crash Australian mapping party

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Navteq, one of the world's biggest suppliers of digital mapping data, will next month splash onto the Australian scene as its maps become available on GPS devices.

Chrysler Building In the US, Navteq is Google Maps' supplier of map data.

Today, Navteq made a preliminary announcement that it will be entering the Australian mapping market in July, but for now, the company is remaining mum as to which GPS units will carry their maps. Up until now, Telstra's Sensis arm -- which owns Whereis, the UBD and Gregory's street directories -- has had a virtual monopoly on Australia's digital maps. Meanwhile overseas, Navteq is one of the main providers of digital geographic data and, as such, provides the data which is used in GPS devices and on Web sites such as Google Maps and Yahoo Maps.

According to Navteq, its cartographers have spent the past two years traversing the nation, and that its maps will provide "enchanced accuracy and details" including points of interest and black spots. It will be interesting to see how Navteq's maps stack up against Sensis'. Recently when we reviewed the TomTom One XL and LG LN800, we discovered some street information was missing, or incorrectly added, such as a phantom roundabout and street. When we had a quick browse of the Navteq's Web site, we were pleased to discover that the phantom street, Nicholls Parade in Enmore, isn't present on its Australian maps.

Navteq promises that it will have interactive features where users can inform the company of errors which need to be corrected on its maps. This will certainly include the "Map Reporter" tab on its Web site, through which users can already browse and report errors on Navteq's Aussie maps.

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Terry Vu posted a comment   

I have myGIG SATNAV install on my car that uses NAVTEQ. It did not giving me correct address as I want to go to Preston, it stop at Northcote, VIC.

Some street could find on Whereis and Google map that could not find on NAVTEQ.

NAVTEQ POI does not show you where is traffic camera or red light camera.

I have used iGO8 that show you correct POI. example Safeway or Coles petrol station than give you only generic one.

If I have choice again, I will stay with whereis


Benny posted a comment   

I have bought a MIO A470 on 02/01/2010 unfortunately the location where iam north of brisbane the roads which you can find on 1985 maps this equipment even hasnt got and even not showing the correct road name i had so much drama with the retailer then was told to contact mio australia and then was told by mio we only provide the blank empty product and the map software supplier is navteq i dont know where to go now but in simple statement i will return this product and will not buy this anymore.My retailer also tried to discuss about this issue to mio as they not interested to go further.


soarer posted a comment   

I have the mio moov300 with the navtech 2008 maps it is the biggest piece of crap and the maps are older than 2008 sorry but will not be buying mio or anything that runs navtech


Roy Wilko posted a comment   

I did get map upgrades for my Medion gps -there is more info on the upgrades but I have requested a print copy of user instructions as the "on board" instructions are hard to vague follow.the cost was $180.00


Dennis posted a comment   

Well compared with Destinator ( Intrynsic now) Navteq maps are light on with some features.
The most archaic is the beeps and bops emitted at POI's and red light and speed cameras. Destinator had voice announcements for this but not Navteq beep beep Bop Bop and one has to take the eyes off the road to see what the beeps are about. Be quick though as the Icons are not on the screen long enough to interprete!
Someone should tell Navteq that the days of Morse are over and Voice Commands are now the modern trend.Much safer too to lkisten to the voice than to look at the screen or try and remember which tone means what!
As for their damn security nonsence, if your SD card fails yiou cant rewrite it without a lot of Hoo Ha and proof that you even bought their maps.
I have been using Navtec and Polstar for about 8 months now and compared to the data from SENSIS that was used by Destinator the Maps are out of date even with the 2009 UBD. many roundabouts do not appear even though they have been installed for over 3 years. Some steets are not listed in the correct suburb and so are difficult to find. I think Navteq have a long way to go to get a real foot in Australia against other maps using SENSIS data


Fly free posted a comment   

I bought a navman S100 and was told that it had 2009 maps only to find the maps are out of date now navman tell me that I have to contact navtech and inform them about new main roads i thought that is why we buy updated equipment and when navman does update thier old info do we have to pay for the update yes off course


vmaharaj posted a comment   

my tevion gps navigator does not have the "avoid toll" feature. any suggests on how to upgrade


travel bug posted a comment   

I have just bought a tevion GPS in car navigator how do obtain updated maps for this GPS.


Freewilly posted a comment   

Nokia recently changed there maping to this company in the Maps 2.0 beta voice navigation has risen 200% in price


Daryl Jeffs posted a comment   

I may have already sent you an email
. However, I have a Tevion GPS and unfortunately whereis doesn't have truck routes & my 5th Wheeler is 12.30 metres Long and 3.5 metres High. Also I would like Longitude & Latitude settings if possible as we camp a lot.

Hoping you can assist


Daryl Jeffs
Fifth Wheelers Network Inc.

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