NBN Co posts AU$903m loss, dates removed from roll-out plan

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As NBN Co reports an annual loss of AU$903 million, an updated roll-out map and ready-for-service (RFS) plan show significant delays, with some suburbs' dates removed altogether.

The new NBN roll-out map with planned construction removed.
(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Although the NBN Co's reported annual loss of AU$903 million was lower than the AU$1.3 billion projected in the company's corporate plan, it seems the company is struggling to deliver. An RFS roll-out document by Telstra reveals new dates for suburbs yet to receive fibre broadband — and planned suburbs have been removed from the official NBN roll-out map completely. Yesterday evening, the map was still displaying "Construction commences within one year" and "Construction commences within three years" data.

According to Telstra's roll-out list, myNBN.info website founder Kenneth Tsang calculated that approximately 307,800 premises now have an RFS date — and around half a million premises have had their dates removed completely.

"It's presumed that these areas have not been signed for (in terms of contracts) and may miss out on fibre connections — pending the strategic review," Tsang wrote on Whirlpool. Among the affected cities (which can be viewed here) are Melbourne, Sydney, South Perth and Adelaide and surrounding suburbs. Some suburbs had already been marked as "construction commenced", only now to be delayed up to another 12 months — or had their dates removed entirely.

NBN Co announced via its website that it would no longer be providing construction update documents publicly. Instead, "All documents will now be released on the NBN Co Sales Notifications site," the company wrote. "Please contact your NBN Co account manager for more information."

CNET Australia has contacted NBN Co for comment and will update this story when we receive more information.

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