Neil Gaiman announces his very first video game

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Neil Gaiman has announced Wayward Manor, a puzzle adventure game that sees you haunting out new residents from your home.

(Credit: The Odd Gentlemen)

Nail Gaiman is a very prolific storyteller. He's done film, novels, comics and television, and now he's expanding his oeuvre. The author has just announced Wayward Manor, his very first video game, which he is currently writing and directing.

In classic Gaiman style, it's quite off the beaten track. As the protagonist of the game, you play a ghost, haunting a massive 1920s Gothic Victorian mansion in New England. Your attempts to enjoy a nice, quiet afterlife, however, keep being interrupted by intruders — leaving you to find increasingly creative ways to haunt them out, all while learning more about who the ghost is, and a danger that threatens everyone.

The game is being made by LA-based indie studio The Odd Gentlemen for PC and Mac, and for tablets by mobile game studio Moonshark. It's due out in spring and available for pre-order for Mac and PC — along with a bunch of Kickstarter-style rewards. US$10 will get you a copy of the game; US$10,000 will get you dinner with Gaiman at LA restaurant The Magic Castle (you'll have to make your own travel arrangements).

Gameplay footage isn't available at this time, but, based on the premise, Gaiman's attachment and the developer, we're already intrigued.

You can find out more and pre-order the game on the Wayward Manor website.

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