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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

NES modded with a built-in screen

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A tinkerer has modified an original Nintendo Entertainment System to become an all-in-one unit with a built-in screen.

Why would you want a 3DS when you could have an all-in-one NES that still plays the original cartridges?

Nintendo Age forum member Silius has made an awesome modification on the first Nintendo console. He's kept the case looking perfectly normal, and the machine plays cartridges perfectly — but the entire thing is hinged horizontally, opening up like a treasure chest to reveal an LCD screen that displays the games.

It took him "many" hours and cost a few bucks — the LCD was US$100 from eBay and the aluminium bezel keeping the screen in place was around US$70. He also installed a Game Genie and, of course, a mini speaker. A ribbon cable connects the top and bottom halves of the unit to transfer information from the cartridge to the console's processor in the base, then back again to the screen.

The screen can also be turned off separately, so the NES can be closed and connected up to a regular TV. The unit runs on the original power supply; so unfortunately, it's not quite as portable as a 3DS after all.

But it's still as cool as heck.


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TreyR1 posted a comment   

Cool as Ben Heck. ;)

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