Netgear D6300

Though pricey, if you demand next-generation networking technology today with a built-in ADSL2+ modem, the D6300 is a capable option.

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User Reviews / Comments  Netgear D6300

  • Ivan.B



    "I bought the D6300 a week ago and I installed it in accordance with the installation manual that came with it. I had no problems and it worked very well from day 1. It is about a couple of seconds ..."

  • RosyV


    "Expensive paperweight. Slower than my old Linksys WAG200. Poor range, won't get a signal to another floor. Way poorer than my old one. Hard to set up, flaky connection, won't keep a signal to Apple..."

  • JamesB9


    "I just bought the D6300 and no one can tell me why it doesn't work on on normal cat 5 Ethernet cable I even upgraded o the cat 6 cable but still it wont work... why can someone explain why it only..."

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