Netgear's wireless router goes mobile

D-Link did this a while ago by making its DIR-825 router support USB 3G mobile modems, and today at CES, Netgear introduced its 3G-only mobile router, the MBR624GU.

Netgear's mobile router at CES 2009. (Credit: Dong Ngo/CBS Interactive)

The router has a compact form factor and can be used only with USB 3G modems. It is compatible with most 3G modems on the market. It will not, however, work with other DSL or cable modems like most regular wireless routers do.

The MBR624GU mobile router doesn't have a WAN port to support regular broadband modems.

The MBR624GU mobile router doesn't have a WAN port to support regular broadband modems. (Credit: Dong Ngo/CBS Interactive)

It's rather disappointing that the MBR624GU doesn't support Draft N but instead stays with the 802.11g standard speed, which caps at 54Mbps. While this speed is already faster than the mobile data speed that most mobile carriers can offer, data exchanging between computers within a wireless network would benefit from the much faster wireless-N speed.

Other than that, the MBR624GU shares a long list of networking features with other Netgear routers such as Wi-Fi Protected Setup, double firewall, VPN pass-through and the option to turn the Wi-Fi on/off with a button. The router supports the highest level of Wi-Fi and WPA security encryption. It will also work with most universal car-power adapters.

This seems like a great router for those who are on the go and need to share their mobile cellular data plans with others. If you are looking for a router that can handle both mobile USB modems and regular broadband modems, however, we would recommend the D-Link DIR-825.

The 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router MBR624GU will be available in the first quarter of 2009 with the estimated price of US$129.

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quincy679 posted a comment   

hi, can anyone tell me if theres any router that supports both usb 3G as well as ADSL (or ethernet) internet connection?


Scud posted a comment   

I just bought this router to use with my E160 modem from 3. Setup was about as easy as it gets, it all fired up working without any trouble. The tech at the shop said it can be configured to accept an ADSL or moden connected via a LAN port also.


televisi posted a comment   

that would be great if we can use this device with our normal WAN...

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