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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Never lose at pool again

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A projector system for a pool table analyses the table, the position of the balls and the position of the cue to help you make the best shot possible.

Want to learn how to win at pool and have your mates owe you pitchers of beer? Luis Sousa, Ricardo Alves and JMF Rodrigues from the University of Algarve, Portugal, have designed a solution that could have you sharking before you flash your toothy grin.

PoolLiveAid uses a ceiling-mounted camera hanging above the pool table, which reads several different factors that will affect the angle of the shot: the position of the player, pool cue, table and balls. It then calculates where your shot is likely to end up, mapping it onto the table.

Of course, you still have to take into account how hard you need to hit the ball — and not do that thing where you shoot wildly and miss the ball entirely. Not, uh, that that has ever happened to us. Cough.

There's no website yet, but you can see it being tested in the video below, and check out more videos of the team testing it on their YouTube channel.


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JeffA posted a comment   

And how may I ask do you take it ON THE ROAD?

A short lesson from a instructor is much better money spent !

It's called the diamond system


ClaudioM posted a comment   

It's like cheating, but doesn't even account for everything ^_^


ErinT posted a comment   

There is still the matter of force.


SupreetS posted a comment   

Build this into Google glasses !


JackB3 posted a comment   

DUH you still have to hit the ball right left side right side to bottom straight all come into play ....not that easy, more of a feeling that math

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