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Google has started rolling out its new-look Android Market to handsets, bringing the Market's browser-based categorisation to the phone with swiping gestures to improve navigation.

The update to the Market is being rolled out now to phones running Android OS 2.2 or higher as an automatic download when the Market application is opened. Google anticipates that all compatible phones will be updated in the coming weeks.

The Market makeover follows on from the recent redesign of the desktop browser version of the store, including new discovery tools, like the Editor's Choice category. Google has also doubled the number of apps onscreen in any list, with two columns of apps rather than a single column, as it has used since the Market first launched. The Market now features improved touchscreen navigation, with horizontal swiping gestures shifting the display between the various lists of "top" apps.

US customers can also download the new Videos app, and access the new Google Video rental service through the redesigned store front. This functionality is not yet available to Android devices within Australia.

While you wait for Google to roll out the Market changes to your phone, check out the official release video below.

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darkchaos posted a comment   

The layout looks kind of bad compared to the current one.

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