New Audi A8 to come with Google Earth

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Audi has announced that its flagship luxury sedan, the new A8, will come with Google Earth and Google point-of-interest searching — just don't hold your breath Aussies.

The new A8 will be available overseas from early 2010 and for select models in a few markets the MMI entertainment, information and navigation system will come with a built-in GPRS/EDGE modem.

In these models, the navigation system will allow drivers to freely search for points-of-interest via Google's search engine, with the desired destination entered into the nav unit. The nav software has also been updated to overlay its directions on to Google Earth's 3D satellite representation of our home planet, complete with terrain information.

Navigation instructions overlaid on to Google Earth imagery.
(Credit: Audi)

To use these services, drivers will have to either insert their SIM card into the MMI system or pair a compatible mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Unfortunately Audi Australia has been conspicuously silent over this new piece of technology — so we're not holding our breath, and neither should fellow Aussies.

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Hmmm posted a comment   

Wow just simply take out your sim card and insert - so easy.

Google Earth Terrain information - my how useful that would be.


GaveUpWaiting posted a comment   

I have been wanting this is a car for a long time... so I bought a Viliv X70.

Already does everything this does... and I can remove it from the car if I want or just wireless sync it to media inside the house from the car before it suspends.

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