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Sydney-based production company Sl8it has today published the pilot episode of its supernatural TV series deadside to peer-to-peer video-sharing service, following in the footsteps of the Aussie filmmakers behind last year's The Tunnel.

(Credit: Sl8it Productions)

The pilot episode is available to download now for free using BitTorrent, with the option for viewers to make a donation through Vodo to contribute to the production of the next episode in the series. As per the standard donation structure on the site, 70 per cent of all money collected is given back to the filmmakers.

"Rather than having our project cut off by some executive in a TV station, we want [our work] to be proving our worth in the first place", said deadside's director David Di Muro. "We wanted to fund something in a different way, through sponsorships and direct investments by consumers who actually believe in the project.

Like project investment site Kickstarter, Vodo allows content creators to construct a series of packages for consumers, based on the amount that they contribute. With deadside, an AU$10 donation buys a DVD-quality version of the pilot episode; AU$250 buys a limited box set of the series once it is completed; and AU$1000 sees the box set autographed and a film credit given to the contributor.

Deadside is described by its creators as a supernatural TV show that combines a mix of "action, adventure and martial arts". Borrowing from African and Asian mythology, the show's ensemble cast come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, with several cast members having previously enjoyed success in competitive martial arts tournaments.

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