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While the tech-loving world weighs up Apple's latest iPhone, today we have a glimpse of a phone we're not expecting until next year — BlackBerry's new touchscreen super-phone.

Is this the new BlackBerry 10 London handset?

There isn't any official information about this phone yet, but it certainly looks like the touchscreen phone we've been expecting after seeing the BlackBerry OS 10 Dev Alpha device earlier this year at the annual BlackBerry World conference. It has been reported that the phone will have an HD 1280x720 resolution screen, and given that the Dev Alpha has a 4.3-inch display, we are guessing that London will have the same, or larger.

It's a tad early to attach a final name to this device; it has gone by the codename London for a long time now. Some are referring to this as being part of the L-Series, and we've heard from RIM already that it intends to launch a QWERTY device alongside this all-touch handset.

A glimpse of the apps drawer (left) and more of the London.

Also interesting, BlackBerry has apparently been buying up dozens of domain names ahead of the BB10 launch. Italian blog BlackBerry Italia spotted the names, which include tasty morsels like,, and

Most exciting is the suggestion that RIM could officially unveil both phones this month. As part of its BlackBerry World Tour, RIM is holding a developer conference in San Jose, California from 25 September, and many are hoping that this is the forum for the big announcement.

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