New Boxee TV: cloud PVR and broadcast TV

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Boxee has unveiled a new device in the US, combining HDTV channels, PVR recording and media-streaming apps.

The Boxee TV and remote.
(Credit: Boxee)

Boxee has a new Boxee TV device — a US$99 box (still made by D-Link) that features dual TV tuners, a cloud recording PVR function and a range of video-based internet apps.

The cloud recording is possibly the killer feature of the new Boxee TV. The service will cost an additional US$15 per month, but, once a program is recorded onto the cloud servers, it becomes available to any device with a browser. According to Boxee, native iOS and Android apps for the service will be available soon.

Boxee TV is US only at the moment; the tuners work with American free-to-air channels, as well as basic cable. The apps include Netflix, VuDu, Pandora, Vimeo and other streaming-media services.

As mentioned above, D-Link is the manufacturer, although the Boxee TV eschews the cubists designs of the Boxee Box, going for a more traditional home-entertainment design. Gone, too, is any XBMC code; Boxee has rebuilt its operating software entirely.

Boxee TV will launch in the US in November.

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