New Canon lenses for prime and L-series shooting

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Canon has announced a range of new lenses: an L-series 24-70mm, and two image-stabilised prime lenses.

The EF 24-70mm
(Credit: Canon)

The EF 24-70mm f/2.8 II USM lens is an update, offering improvements in edge-to-edge sharpness and a new optical design with three aspherical lens elements. Canon says it was designed with feedback given by professionals. It's got dust and waterproofing on the lens mount, switch panel, focusing ring and locking lever, and also comes with a fluorine coating over the rest of the surface. The 24-70mm shaves off 145 grams from its predecessor, now weighing in at 804 grams.

Also on offer is a minimum focusing distance of 0.38 metres, regardless of focal length. It will be available for AU$2899 from April.

The EF 24mm
(Credit: Canon)

Canon also released two wide-angle prime lenses at the same time: the EF 24mm IS f/2.8 and the EF 28mm IS USM, both of which offer image stabilisation. Prime lenses are ideal for photographers who want sharp images, and who value a lens with a wide maximum aperture that's great for low-light shots. Most prime lenses don't come with image stabilisation, which means that images are still susceptible to camera shake. The 24mm has a minimum focusing distance of 0.2 metres, while the 28mm offers 0.23 metres. No pricing for these two lenses has been announced, but expect them to be available in June.

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