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Eight new live channels have been launched for Foxtel's iPad app.

New channels for Foxtel Go.
(Screenshot by CNET Australia)

Back when Foxtel launched the Go app for iPad at the start of November, it said it would be working on new live channels for the service, but we didn't expect them to be launched so quickly.

Eight new live channels are now available — including the popular Fox 8 — with users automatically getting access to the new content without any update to the Foxtel Go app required.

The full list of new channels is:

  • Fox 8

  • SoHo

  • LifeStyle You

  • LifeStyle Food

  • LifeStyle Home

  • Speed

  • Fuel TV

  • Discovery Turbo Max

Additionally, Arena has added more shows to its offering on Foxtel Go, including The Real Housewives Of Miami, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Silicon Valley, LOL Work, Million Dollar Decorators, Shahs of Sunset and Top Chef.

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CSerruto posted a comment   

A Windows 8 app would be awesome for my Surface...


smartalec posted a comment   

What would really be cool is an android version for those not inclined to go down the apple route


Nic Healey posted a reply   

Foxtel hasn't ruled out an Android app... but they're not confirming one either.

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