New iOS 6 Maps app goes 3D, ditches Google: reports

Apple's 3D Maps app for iOS 6 may have provided a sneak peek, courtesy of Boy Genius Report.

Obtaining details and photos of the new app from a "trusted source", BGR said that Apple's new in-house Maps program is currently being tested in the latest build of iOS 6.

The main photo on BGR's article is mostly a mock-up based on the information received from the source. Additional photos that are large, but blurry, show different screens of the app. But one in particular reveals an option to switch to 3D mode.

To jump into 3D, you peel back the lower right corner of the app, and tap on the 3D mode option, according to BGR. You can then switch back and forth between 2D and 3D by tapping an icon in the lower left corner. Assuming the details and photos are on the money, Apple would be using 3D imagery provided by C3 Technologies, which the iPhone maker acquired last October.

The information and images do back up a story published earlier this month by 9to5Mac, which said that Apple would drop Google Maps data for iOS 6 in favour of its own in-house Maps app. AllThingsD received similar intel from its own sources, who described the new app as something that will "blow your head off".

We should know for sure how mind-blowing the new app is within a couple of weeks. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 6 and the new Maps app at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which has been scheduled for the week of 11 June.


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JohnP3 posted a comment   

The 3D Map shown on the BGR website is actualy a screen a screen shot taken from the Nokia 3D maps website and inserted into and IOS frame. It's a pixel perfect copy of central park in new york. Someone better call a lawyer or notify Nokia.[]


ozoneocean posted a comment   

SOmething tells me this feature will be blown FAR, faaaaaaaar out of proportion by a fawning press, like Siri, and like Siri (its location stuff) it will only really apply to the US and a maybe, just maybe a few major cities internationally.
Flash and bang...


dawesi1 posted a comment   

Everything apple makes blows my head off... I just wish they made something that wasn't painful! ;-)

I'm trying to decide between the next macbook or an ultrabook's an easy choice ATM... ultrabook kills mac for specs...

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