New iPad is first Optus 4G tablet

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Optus today announced that it has introduced its first 4G tablet to its range: Apple's fourth-generation iPad.

The latest iteration of the iPad is now available on contract through Optus, with both 12-month and 24-month repayment options complementing the telco's data-only SIMs. Buying an iPad through Optus comes with a minor subsidy by the telco, with a 16GB model costing AU$672 over the life of the plan, rather than the AU$679 that Apple charges for the same tablet through its online store. Similar savings can be found across the range of storage options.

You can see the full Optus iPad plans below.

(Screenshot by CBSi)

Telstra and Vodafone will also range the new iPad from today, with Telstra adding it to the other 4G devices in its range, including its own self-branded Telstra 4G Tablet. Vodafone comes in cheapest, offering a 16GB model and 2GB of data each month for AU$47. Telstra's plans start at AU$49 per month, but with only 1GB of data.

Apple's latest iPad revision comes only months after Apple released the third-generation model; a move that upset many who bought the previous model. The fourth-generation tablet includes Apple's Retina screen technology, plus a faster A6 processor.

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ChristopherM2 posted a comment   

What's with these ridiculously low data packages at ludicrously high prices? I mean 2GB of data could be used within an hour on a 4G network.


Im Batman posted a comment   

Interesting... so this ipad is actually compatable with our 4G networks.
Well done Apple, good to see you learnt from last time.

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