New iPod Touch G3 and Nano G5: The case is in for Apple

Thought about staying up until the wee hours of the morning to get the information on the new iPod? No need — the new iPods have been leaked.

Update: As it turns out, Cygnett seem to have jumped the gun — there is no camera on the iPod Touch, though there is one on the Nano as predicted.

Thanks to an unceremonious cat out of the bag from a third-party case manufacturer, we now have pictures — or at least mockups — of what the new iPods are expected to look like.

The new iPod Nano G5 has a longer screen. (Credit: Cygnett)

Cygnett's clear case gives a better view. Cygnett

Below is a screenshot of the blog in question, in case it goes offline:

Though we haven't got an image of the Nano showing the camera on the back, this blog post seems to give the game away. (Screenshot credit: CBSi)

Cygnett's product page features the new iPods. (Screenshot credit: CBS Interactive)

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random guy posted a comment   

u can tell these are fake coz if u look at itouch G1 it has an app store icon which the itouch didn't have unless updated


Smash them posted a comment   

As a Apple head we so much look forward to every launch from Apple, only to have some CHUMP company blow too early. I hope Apple takes action !!!!!!!


dude posted a comment   

the Ipod touch one does look quite fake


brennanc posted a comment   

It's clearly an iPhone with a 1G iPod Touch menu and a 2G iPod Touch ariel photoshopped on. This story could do with some editing.


Photoshopped? posted a comment   

Actually on closer inspection there is no doubt in my mind that these are fake.
(by me saying they're fake i'm not predicting the outcome of tomorrows apple event.)


Photoshopped? posted a comment   

Is it just me or is the 'new' iPod touch just and iPhone with the camera and antenna not so convincingly glued on? and why at Cygnett do only some of the pictures of the touch G3 have a phone speaker? kinda sketchy

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