New Kindle Fire to have 1280p resolution, arriving Q3?

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According to AllThingsDigital, the new Kindle Fire will be shipping in late Q3 with a higher-resolution screen.

The Kindle Fire
(Credit: Amazon)

Citing anonymous sources familiar with Amazon's plans, AllThingsD claimed that the new Fire will improve on the previous design of its predecessor, with a thinner form factor and a built-in display.

But the most interesting part, according to the website, is the sharper display.

Developers familiar with the device have been instructed to build their apps for a display with a 1280x800-pixel resolution, which is a bit different than the 1024x600 display of the current Kindle Fire.

Although this is not as marked an increase in clarity between the iPad 2 and the new iPad, it's still a significant upgrade — and it will also change the aspect ratio from 1.71 (tall and thin) to 1.60 — which is more in keeping with current tablet models.

Given Amazon's track record of keeping first-gen devices in the US, then going global in the second gen, this means that Australia may even see the Kindle Fire later this year — although, given that Amazon's app store never made it to Australian shores, we're not holding our breath.

This report lines up with NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim's predictions, according to CNET.

Shim, who gets his information from sources in the "supply chain", claimed that four new models are en route:

  • 7-inch Kindle Fire 2: 1024x600 display, no camera; August production

  • 7-inch Kindle Fire 2: 1280x800 display with camera; August production

  • 7-inch Kindle Fire 2: 1280x800 display with camera and 4G; September production

  • 8.9-inch Kindle Fire 2: 1920x1200 display; Q4 production.

Amazon has scheduled a launch event for 31 July, and although it hasn't specified what the launch event is for, the new Kindle Fire is looking more and more the most likely suspect.

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JacksonG posted a comment   

1080p and 720p are specifications used for HDTVs as they compare to other video formats 1080i and 576i etc. with progressive scan or interlaced video.

Calling a tablet screen '1280p' is misleading. At 1280 x 800 these screens can display a fraction over 720p (1280 x 720) and well under 1080p (1920 x 1080) so I think '1280p' is misleading as it suggests the resolution is higher than 1080p.

These screens are basically 16:10 formats of a 720p based resolution.

Sorry to be a bit picky though!


Pining posted a comment   

Interesting about the 8.9.

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