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Did you miss out on the first three, very limited NECA Portal gun replicas? There's good news for Christmas. And it seems that those who missed out before are actually getting the best deal this time around.

Despite being customisable, it costs less this time around.
(Credit: Think Geek)

NECA's original Portal gun, or, more accurately, Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD), was available in extremely limited quantities. So was its subsequent Atlas and P-Body customised versions.

Due in "early December" at Think Geek, NECA is making available a version of the ASHPD that can be customised between Chell, Atlas or P-Body versions, for US$99.99.

While this will once again be available in limited quantities, if you go weak at the knees for miniature things, there's an alternative. Think Geek's own Miniature Portal Gun is available now, and sells for US$59.99 — and should not be limited in quantity at all.

So pull on your best Aperture jumpsuit; these chambers won't test themselves.

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