New Twitter finally rolls out to everyone

First unveiled in December, the redesign aims to make it easier for web users to find and discover the most important tweets and trending topics.

A look at the new Twitter redesign, which the company rolled out to all its users today.
(Screenshot by CNET)

If you've been jealous because your friend's Twitter page looks different — and newer — than yours, fret no more.

Yesterday, Twitter announced that it has finally completed its roll-out of the so-called "New Twitter" that began with its unveiling last December.

Now, all Twitter users who go to the social networking service's website, or who get to it on an iPhone or Android device, have access to the latest version of the tool. That means everyone can now take advantage of new tools that allow you to select tweets to expand in order to view videos, photos, retweets, favourites and more; easily see who is following or @-replying you, or favouriting or retweeting your tweets; see Twitter results that are tailored to your interests and centred around your geographic location; and embed tweets in blogs and websites with a single line of code.

The new Twitter also allows all users to see branded Twitter pages.


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