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ABC's Rage was a mainstay of our teenage years, with many a Friday night spent vegging on the couch watching the latest music videos of the day. New website RageAgain lets you relive those times.

(Credit: ABC)

The website is the work of designer and programmer Patrick Galbraith, and it allows you to check out every single Rage episode, dating all the way back to 1998, when the ABC first started posting its playlists online.

RageAgain has taken those playlists and combined them with YouTube to recreate the order of the songs in each episode via a YouTube playlist. Not all of the videos are the "official" music videos, but it's danged cool, all the same.

And we love the stats:

  • Playlists: 1680

  • Tracks: 269,938

  • Approximate play time: 721 days, 17 hours, one minute.

We know what's going to be our work listening for the next few years. Head on over to RageAgain for some sweet, sweet nostalgia.

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sween64 posted a comment   

Correction: website says 1 year, 173 days.. or 538 days.


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

I copied the stats directly from the site, it must have changed since yesterday. Thanks Sween.


JustinM posted a comment   

On the surface this looks great! And i will admit i am on the site RIGHT now, going through the memories, lol... BUT, i can forgive them putting in live versions, blank screens with just lyrics, even "live" versions that look like someones handycam recording, lol, but someone there dropped the ball a few times. T-Shirts version of "You Sexy Thing" looks to be replaced with a satirical song by a youtuber named "Jimmy", and White Towns "Your Woman" was replaced with a 30 second ad for Hits Now, rofl...

As i said though, mostly good stuff :)


sween64 posted a reply   

That's because it's all done automatically... 200k songs wouldn't be scoured for automatically...

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