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Thoroughly embracing the corporate purple, it looks like Yahoo Mail won't look like a relic of the '90s soon. Now, to just get to the rest of the company...

Very purple.
(Credit: Yahoo)

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CEO Marissa Mayer announced the incoming change on Yahoo's corporate blog, with the mobile and Windows 8 apps available now, and webmail to update "over the next few days".

The Android app looks like a cross between Gmail and Facebook in functionality, with a persistent bar across the top and a full menu hiding on the left — and it seems that Yahoo's aim of a consistent design across all platforms is going well, judging by the screenshots.

The blog doesn't outline what's new for webmail — just nebulous phrases like "more intuitive and easier to navigate", "fewer distractions" and "fast, easy and available anywhere to go". Thankfully, there's more details and higher resolution pictures on the web, showing off a more dominant search bar; smarter search via filters; a flatter, more icon-driven theme; and a real focus on minimising how many buttons are on the screen. There's no word on whether the large amount of real estate that ads take up has been reduced.

You can download the mobile apps now.
(Credit: Yahoo)

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Andy74 posted a comment   

Available for Windows 8? Can't really find in in the Windows Store.


CSerruto posted a comment   

Seriously, not Outlook option in the poll? C'mon guys, it is different to Hotmail.

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