Next iPhone could come in two screen sizes: report

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Another year, another fresh round of iPhone rumours. This time, sources say larger screens are in the works.

The iPhone 5 and 5S (right) alongside smartphones with larger screens from Samsung, HTC and Nokia.
(Credit: CBSi)

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing two iPhone handsets to be released later this year, both sporting larger screens. If the sources are to be believed, Apple is working on a 4.5-inch (or possibly larger) display for one model, and a 5-inch display for the other.

Alongside a larger screen, the plastic casing found on the iPhone 5C is out, with the two new models sporting a metal casing similar to what is used on the current iPhone 5S. Despite competitors moving towards smartphones with curved screens, Apple will stick to a standard flat display, said the sources.

The information revealed to the Journal follows another report earlier this week from Chinese website QQ Tech that said one of the two new iPhone models would have a 4.7-inch display at 1136x640, the same resolution as the current iPhone 5S.

Apple's last jump to a larger screen was in 2012 with the release of the iPhone 5, moving to a 4-inch screen. Updates to the iPhone may be appear at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

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