Next PlayStation to lock out used games, report says

Buckle up, Sony enthusiasts. A tipster has told Kotaku that the PlayStation 4 is named "Orbis", and that it will feature an anti-used-game system, offer no backwards-compatibility with PlayStation 3 titles and will ship in holiday 2013.

A report says that the PlayStation 4 will not offer backwards compatibility with PlayStation 3 games.
(Credit: Sony)

As for the first part of the rumour, multiple sources told the blog that the Orbis will sport some sort of anti-used games measure. Full Orbis games will be available via Blu-ray disc or as a PlayStation Network download, and will be locked to a single PSN account. Players will not be able to circumvent the system by remaining offline, as the source said users will be forced to be connected to the PSN to boot up their games.

Read more of "Next PlayStation to lock out used games, report says" at Gamespot.

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KinD posted a comment   

so this is how you treat us genuine buyers ?
great. just great.


dgentele posted a comment   

So if my sibling wants to play one of my games on his PS3 in the room next door, he won't be able to if its locked to one account only? What a joke! Not happy Sony! I've had the PS1, PS2 and now PS3 (a loyal PS fan), but it may be time for the change to xBox

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