Nexus 7 display "noticeably washed out": DisplayMate

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A blog post by the president of DisplayMate has heavily criticised the screen of Google's Nexus 7 tablet, describing images taken from the tablet as looking like "over-exposed photographs with missing highlights, reduced image contrast and weak colours".

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

Dr Raymond Soneira said that he knew "something was seriously wrong" when he looked at test images produced from the tablet to use in comparison screen testing, but he blamed factory calibration of the screen for the flaws, not the LCD panel itself. Our colleagues at CNET in the US reached out to him to clarify his position and to explain how an excellent screen can produce an image as described above.

"The LCD panel itself is excellent. Good luminance, high contrast ratio, excellent colour gamut and colour saturation. So the raw LCD display itself is great. The problem is that the factory calibration of the display parameters (generally performed via firmware) is way off (particularly the Intensity Scale), so the images that appear on this fine LCD display look washed out," said Soneira.

We've been reviewing the Nexus 7 tablet at CNET in Sydney this week, though our initial impressions of the quality of this screen are quite different. Colours on our review unit are a bit softer than we've seen from competing devices, especially the bold look of Samsung's AMOLED products, but we wouldn't describe the screen in the Nexus 7 as looking "seriously wrong". In fact, for the money, we're seriously impressed.

This criticism follows closely on from complaints by some consumers who have found that the screen on their Nexus 7 tablets are loose, and may need the screws securing the display to be tightened.

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Chandler posted a comment   

Sounds like a manufacturing issue, probably why your unit was fine. Be interesting to see how much of this is someone having a @%&$%, and how much is an actual issue.


AndrewS11 posted a comment   

The nexus 7 is my first android device.
I must say I still prefer iOS for ease of use but am hugely impressed with the nexus 7. For price it can't be beat.


Ramrunner posted a reply   

Give it a few more weeks of you playing with it and experimenting Andrew, I've have both iOS and Android devices in my household, but once you get used to the Android shortcuts, things are actually MUCH faster and easier to do on Android. Just takes getting used to.

I tend to find people who STARTED with Android and try iOS like it just fine, but get frustrated at the sheer amount of tapping and swiping you have to do to get to basic settings for example. Much easier on Android.


roshie posted a comment   

When's the review out Broseph?


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

So close now. Just finalising a few results

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