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Good things come to those who wait, and boy, have we been waiting patiently. The Nexus 7 has just arrived in the CNET Australia office, so we thought we'd share the thrill of the unboxing with you.

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hionin posted a comment   

I received my Nexus 7 (16gb) yesterday (Friday 20th) as well and I've spent the better part of the last 10 hours playing with it.

It's good, and very fast. I have already have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7" (with Honeycomb and it doesn't look like that's going to be upgraded by Samsung any time soon) and an iPad 2. The Nexus is at least twice as fast as the SGT, and AS fast as the iPad.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the Nexus 7, but only having 16gb to work with is a pain. It's great that users can get content from Google, but unless you're connected to the net, that's no use. Which means, if you're at the beach and you want to amuse yourself watching a movie, and you haven't loaded one on via your PC, or you don't have the space left on it to fit any media, your knackered.

I have a couple of hundred eBooks and Audiobooks, but haven't loaded them because I don't want to blow out the paltry internal memory. I'm looking at some alternatives, like maybe investigating if there's a USB adapter out there that I could use to attach an external memory source. Either HDD or SD. It's clumsy, but better than nothing.

I know Google were trying to keep the price down, but I would have been quite happy to pay another 50 bucks for a micro SD slot.

Other than that, I love it. It's a terrific size and the resolution compensates well for display 'real estate'. Jelly Bean is great. I like it a lot.....and did I mention how fast the Nexus 7 is? Fast! If you don't have a tablet already and you're near a network more often than not, then I'd highly recommend everyone buy one.

That's my review for what it's worth, since this article didn't seem to come with one.


PaulB5 posted a comment   

Wherever it was unboxed they cant count. Photo 5 has a 4 pin dock connection.


RoedyG posted a comment   

Rock Hudson and Doris Day spoofed your Nexus blurb by flogging a product called VIP in Lover Come Back, where they never got around to telling you if it was a floor wax or a tooth paste.


AlexV1 posted a comment   

It looks like a good device for the price , Though as per usual Aussies are paying a bit more than there American brethren sadly.
I have ordered one to try out.
Still waiting to try an Android tablet that really stands out from the crowd..


trebor83 posted a reply   

Ultimately we are paying about the same really, given that the prices quoted for the US are before sales tax


tabboo posted a comment   

seriously interested in this. cant wait for a review to see if its worth it. for $250, im not expecting too much though


hionin posted a reply   

It's well worth the price - but don't get the 8gb, just too limiting.


Jondalar posted a comment   

It comes with a US power adapter only? I was quite interested in this until I saw that it had no memory expansion slot, quite a shame.


daniel_fragar posted a reply   

Not sure if this was really unboxed at CNET Australia or US given the power adaptor. I'm disappointed either way, but not sure who at.


hionin posted a reply   

No it doesn't come with a US adapter only. Mine came with the Australian connector.

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