'Night of the Doctor' mini-episode preludes Doctor Who special

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A special mini-episode of Doctor Who sets the scene for the appearance of John Hurt's mysterious War Doctor.

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Remember the rather awful 1996 Doctor Who film starring Paul McGann as the eighth Doctor? It's made a reappearance in a somewhat Shakespearian seven-minute mini-episode, setting the stage for the mysterious Doctor played by John Hurt in the 50th anniversary special, "Day of the Doctor": who is he, where he came from and what he did.

The short film takes place during the Time War, and the eighth Doctor is trying to stay well out of it; however, his hand is forced, and he has to make a choice. We won't say more than that — we don't want to give too much away.

We will say, though, that after watching it, we're really keen to see what the episode pulls out for Hurt — and the Doctor's dark and gruesome role in the devastating war.

McGann, it should be noted, had until now made only one screen appearance as the Doctor. After the film, though, he starred in several Doctor Who radio plays, and the eighth Doctor was the protagonist of several novels, all of which are officially part of the Doctor Who canon.

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Paranoid Android posted a comment   

Its good to see McGann again. While the movie wasn't exactly the best Doctor Who story ever made, McGann was an excellent Doctor, and he contributed a lot to the universe in the audio episodes.


MuesliBar posted a reply   

I agree completely. McGann is brilliant.

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