Nikon 1 J2

The J2 is a small update to the Nikon 1 series of interchangeable lens cameras, with a higher-resolution screen and new colours among the main changes.

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Just one year after entering the interchangeable lens camera market with the Nikon 1 cameras — see the V1 and J1 — Nikon has announced a new entry-level model to replace the J1. Inside and out, the J2 looks and feels almost exactly the same as the petite camera it succeeds.

Where things do look different is the higher-resolution LCD screen, now at 920,000 dots. It also gets a new creative mode, which is found on the mode dial, giving photographers access to panorama, selective colour, miniature, soft, night landscape, backlighting and night portrait options.

Also announced at the same time as the J2 is a new lens for the Nikon 1 mount, an 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, equivalent to 30-74mm. That makes it the fifth lens available in the system, and doesn't yet fill the gap for any photographers wanting a lens longer than 110mm. As before, the J2 is compatible with the F-mount adapter, which makes it possible to mount any other Nikon F-mount lens on the camera.

Nikon is set to release the J2 in a number of colours, including white, black, silver and pink. It's not yet known which colour configurations will be made available in Australia, or local pricing.

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