Nikon D5100

The Nikon D5100 will undoubtedly put a smile on every photographer's face with its excellent image quality and feature set.

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User Reviews / Comments  Nikon D5100

  • LMCC72


    "Im looking into the entry level DSLRs and the reviews are very informative however find myslef trying to compare too much. In the Nikon entry level on camera basis alone would you recommend the old..."

  • StephI


    "There are a couple of glaringly obvious incorrect statements made in this review. Firstly, the D5100 does have a remote shutter sensor, and in fact, it actually has two, as in one on the front and..."

  • BrianM1


    "I just purchased the D5100 and I am impressed with the image quality. It replaces my old D70 but I have used a D2 and D300. It doesn't have the power speed of the D300 but the image quality is gr..."

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