Nikon D90

In the two-party race that will never end, D90 selected D-Movie as its running mate. Upon close examination though, D-Movie was found to be severely underdone. Good thing then that D90's photo-taking base is so strong and competent.

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User Reviews / Comments  Nikon D90

  • randy



    "ergonomic design is great take pictures in it's real color"

  • THAN



    "all you people out there say that the D90 is not good but you are wrong if you say the D90 is not good well maybe you never experience the D90 the way it was supose to be.hi my is THANRAJ SINGH JOH..."

  • cdb



    "I've had this camera for nearly two years and it hasn't disappointed - I'm glad I chose this model. Once I got some decent lenses I was able to get some great shots."

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