Nikon patents a semi-transparent camera screen

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Does a camera with a see-through screen sound like your cup of tea? Nikon may introduce this feature in a future compact.

(Credit: Nikon Rumors)

As spotted by the astute folk at the Nikon Rumors blog, the camera manufacturer has filed for a patent that outlines a practical way for including a semi-transparent LCD screen on a camera. The diagram accompanying the patent application shows a flip-up screen component, which is the semi-transparent panel in question. It also shows a depiction of a more traditional LCD panel at the rear of the camera.

The patent cites one specific application for the screen, though the possibilities seem more wide ranging. Nikon said that the screen will provide better tracking of fast-moving objects, as the photographer can see more of the scene beyond the limitations of Live View.

The concept of a semi-transparent screen in photography has been implemented by Fujifilm, though it takes the form of a hybrid viewfinder on its X100 camera. It overlays electronic information from the camera, such as exposure information, along with the scene from a more traditional optical viewfinder.

Further afield in the realms of consumer electronics, Samsung has showed off prototypes of transparent LCD panels that can be used to display information on top of existing elements, specifically for advertising purposes.

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