Nikon releases new high-end compacts and telephoto lens

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Nikon has announced a range of new cameras, including the Coolpix A compact camera with APS-C sensor, as well as an "affordable" 80-400mm telephoto lens.

The Coolpix A is the big announcement of the bunch, featuring a DX sensor that's the same physical size as found in Nikon's range of SLRs, such as the D3200 and D5200. It's weather sealed and doesn't have a low pass filter, which is something that will please landscape photographers. Read more about the Coolpix A in our preview.

Next up is the Coolpix P330, a smaller compact with a 1/1.7-inch backlit-CMOS sensor. It has a bright f/1.8 lens at its widest end, as well as a new image stabilisation feature that helps reduce camera shake from the photographer moving or walking around. Find out more about the camera in our first take preview.

The new 80-400mm lens.
(Credit: Nikon)

Thanks to the keen interest in Nikon's cheapest full-frame SLR, the D600, the company has decided to start producing more affordable lenses to suit the FX mount. The newest is the 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR lens, which offers an equivalent 5x zoom and fast AF response. This lens is designed for photographers who want to shoot sports, action and wildlife, but don't want to fork out for something more expensive in the range of f/2.8 FX lenses.

Nikon Australia no longer issues RRPs for its products, but the 80-400mm should sit at a reasonable price point in conjunction with the D600 when it hits the market in April. This lens replaces the existing 80-400mm lens in the Nikon range.

Lastly, another new compact slots into the Coolpix line-up with the S3500. It's a slimline 20.1-megapixel camera with 7x optical zoom, designed for point-and-shoot photographers who enjoy a range of filters and creative effects.

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