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Nintendo has announced a lower-tier version of its 3DS at a cheaper price and minus the folding design.

(Credit: Nintendo)

While Nintendo was the first to offer a 3D console, it seems the move hasn't worked as well as the company had hoped: in October, it will launch onto the market a new device called the 2DS. It is essentially the same as the 3DS, without the 3D, and without the clamshell design.

The big selling point of the 2DS will be its price point. In the US, it will retail for US$129.99, compared to the 3DS, which retails for US$169. In Australia, the 3DS retails for AU$199; the 2DS will come in at AU$149.95.

For gamers with a lower budget, the 2DS could be a real winner, allowing access to Nintendo's latest handheld games and the Nintendo eShop, something that the DS can't provide. It also has Wi-Fi and the 3DS' dual cameras, while a sleep switch on the bottom performs the same function as closing the 3DS.

The new console will be available in two colours, blue and red, on 12 October in Australia. A carrying case will retail separately.

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ADSLNerd posted a comment   

WTF Nintendo are their staff (and engineers) on drugs or something. Why in the world would you buy something with less features, not much cheaper, and looks like an overpriced door stopper? Add to this no folding option, the screen will be exposed to more abuse if dropped or left on a floor upside down (unless Gorilla Glass 2 is used), the bottom screen is way too small, the main function buttons are all embossed black plastic - they should be silver or light up as easier to see at night, and only has a mono speaker. This is abhorrent.

And look at the price difference, a measly, $50 which gets you a lot more hardware and more protection options for the screen. It does look cheap an nasty and no doubt Made in China, not Japan. Plus remember everyone, Nintendo love to control every aspect of their devices, region locking games so even the identical version from the USA wont work in an AUS model, locking down Languages so if you import a DS from Japan you are forced to read Japanese and buy Japanese games, etc. Nintendo are just milking people for every cent they can, and I will not support them.

I will never buy another Nintendo product until all these restrictions are removed. This shows Nintendo is getting desperate, releasing variations of the same hardware. Oh look now you can Region Spoof the 3DS / 2DS so you can play any games from around the world - $100 -


OscarA posted a comment   

Did anyone else notice that it's in red and blue and it's coming out the same day as pokemon x and y? Coincidence? I think not.


GlenB5 posted a comment   

I was actually quite impressed that Nintendo came out with this. Nintendo has found a way to broaden the appeal of the DS and 3DS by appealing to children, casual gamers and, maybe most important of all, tablet gamers. A nod towards tablet gaming and still being backwards compatible? Now that's smart.


JamesR10 posted a comment   

Is screen size the same as 3DS or 3DSXL?


KuribosShoe posted a reply   

It's original 3DS screens according to this article


KuribosShoe posted a comment   

Dear God this is horrific. It looks like something you'd buy for a toddler.
The design is so unergonomic. Imagine using the stylus with the right hand while holding it with your left- because you're holding it at the middle of the console instead of the bottom, putting pressure on the bottom screen will make it pivot. It'll be horribly unstable.
Ahhhh it's just awful. Awful awful awful. Looks like there's only one speaker. Mono sound. Wooooo. The 3DS is too quiet as is. Just die.


AlyssaJayne posted a reply   

"Looks like something you'd buy for a toddler"... errrr... that's kind of the point. It's designed for kids under 6 that aren't able to use the 3D function and are more likely to snap a clamshell-style console in half.


KuribosShoe posted a reply   

At 00:29 of the ad there are adults using it. As the article states, it's marketed to consumers who don't want to spend so much, not specifically to very young kids.
Anyone who spends 150 AUD on a toy for a toddler clearly doesn't care about spending too much.


StephanieM1 posted a reply   

Oh wow, I save fifty bucks. You know what is better, just buying the **** dslite. You save around a hundred bucks and get to keep the clamshell design everyone has come to love. Seriously this looks like **** to me, if they had to release it at least offer a better saving then fifty measly bucks.


StephanieM1 posted a reply   

Six year olds shouldn't have game consoles. If you insist they should, then just buy a god damn leap frog.

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